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Automobile accidents can happen anytime or anywhere to anyone, and chances are good they will happen to you at least once in your life. In most cases these accidents leave behind not only injuries to people and their vehicles but also stress, confusion and worries over money if you are left unable to work. Help with navigating the maze that is an automobile accident settlement is luckily only a phone call away when the attorney you contact is an experienced representative in Cleveland. While it is possible any attorney may be able to handle an auto accident case; the Seitz Law Firm offers experience under these special circumstances.

The Seitz Law Firm is a Cleveland based firm and has the skill to handle an auto insurance claim from the start to the settlement or jury verdict. Automobile liability insurance companies are notorious for pushing victims to settle early, often before medical treatment has been completed, saving the insurance companies money with a cheaper settlement and lower attorney fees. An experienced and proactive personal injury attorney will not let this happen. The Seitz Law Firm will stand up to the insurance company to ensure your rights are not trampled and will not settle your claim until the time is right.

Once all of the evidence is gathered through police reports and medical reports, the Seitz Firm will present tailored claim designed for your specific case to the insurance company. Presenting your claim in such a way strengthens it, as the Seitz Law Firm knows well. No matter the size of the accident, as long as you were not at fault, it is only then the firm will negotiate a fair settlement or go to trial.

Since the Seitz Law Firm works on a contingency fee basis, i.e., the firm only gets paid if it secures a settlement for you, there is incentive to get you as big an award as possible. If you are wondering if your claim is big enough to justify an attorney, now is the time to call for a free consultation. You can reach the Seitz Law Firm by phone at 216-202-5529. Get Help Now!